Singapore Electrical Contractors and Licensed Electrical Workers Association


A Brief Introduction of SECA

  1. Singapore Electrical Contractors and Licensed Electrical Workers Association was founded in 1976 and also have an official acronym namely - < “SECA”>.

  2. SECA registered office is located at 12A Waringin Park, Singapore 416326.

  3. Its objectives are:
    • To look after the interest of its members by providing a communication channel with the relevant authorities and trade institutions.
    • To organise various types of activities for members to foster better relationship among them.
    • To provide skill enhancement opportunities to members.

    With the above objectives in mind, SECA is currently members of:

    Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS)
    Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)
    The Asean Federation of Electrical Engineering Contractors (AFEEC)
    The Federation of Asian and Pacific Electrical Contractors Associations (FAPECA)

    The above ensures our presence is significantly influent our related trades and industries.

  4. Our Membership is open to all electrical contractors, trading companies in related business and licensed electrical workers. There are no restrictions with regards to sex, race and religion. There shall not be any restriction to the membership size of the Association.

  5. Any person wishes to join the Association should submit his name to the Honorary Secretary giving full details in the application form. The details shall include the followings:
    • For any person joining the Association as Full Member in the capacity of the representative of an Electrical Contractor or a Trading Company, his company registration number with the Registrar of Companies & Businesses or Building & Construction Authority.
    • For Licensed Electrical Worker joining as Individual Member his registration number with the Energy Market Authority.

  6. An entrance fee of S$100 is payable on application for membership.  The entrance fee for Student members is waived.

  7. The membership term shall commence from 1st January of each year and expires on 31st December of the same year. Annual subscription fee shall be payable in full regardless whether the member is admitted during any part of the year.
    The schedule of annual fees is as follows:

    Full Member: S$180 per annum.
    Individual Member: S$90 per annum                                                                                                              Student Member: S$30 per annum                                                                                                                       

  1. The Management Committee Members for April 2014 to March 2015 is as follows:

  2. Management Committee


    Mr. Steven Wang Hee Weng

    Vice President

    Mr. John Tan Chye Tong

    Honorary Secretary

    Mr. Kway Siak Hwee Edward

    Assistant Honorary Secretary

    Mr. Tan Hock Chai Richard

    Honorary Treasurer
    Mr. Chua Chin Leng Larry 
    Asst Honorary Treasurer
    Mr. Lee Hee Kiang Jack

    Council Member

    Mr. Chan Tuck Lee

    Council Member
    Mr. Chang Hwai Cheh
    Council Member
    Mr. Jung Gee Keong Ken
    Council Member
    Mr. Kiwi Ho
    Council Member
    Mr. Lim Kim Seng
    Council Member
    Mr. Lim Poh Beng
    Council Member
    Mr. Lee Teck Keong
    Council Member
    Dr. Matthew Peloso
    Co-opt Council Member
    Mr. Ng Chuan Yong
    Honorary AuditorMr. Ng Hiap Hua
    Asst Honorary AuditorMr. Ang Joo Hoe Joseph

  3. SECA is also represented in various Spring Singapore “Singapore Standards Committees and Sub-Committees” to ensure our inputs are included for the Electrical Trades.

  4. We constantly provide members of the various updates from the building industries, our affiliated associations, institutions and government authorities etc. Networking gatherings and Annual Golf Tournaments are part of the activities held to foster better relationship among members and trade associates.

  5. SECA is also contributing to charitable organisations as part of it Social Responsibility Programme engaging itself to a Fine and Excellent Society fill with Love and Compassion.

  6. Through its active participation in the STAS’ activities, SECA creates another platform for its members’ voice to be heard to building industry and authorities concerned.

  7. For Membership Enquiry, please email to:

    SECA, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Attention: The Honorary Secretary

          For more information, please visit